Employee Benefits

employee benefits

Employee Benefits Solutions

In today’s business world, employee benefits are a top expense that companies face. With the complexity of healthcare, it’s challenging for employers to find the right balance between quality benefits and cost-effective solutions. Premium Benefit Planning understands these challenges and provides a variety of solutions to assist companies in managing their benefits.

Determining the best benefits solution for your business can make you feel like you are alone in a desert.

Premium Benefit Planning specializes in Group Medical Benefits and has established relationships with all the carriers in the marketplace. This allows us to offer our clients any and all options available in the market, and we take the time to review and recommend the best plan design for their specific needs. Premium Benefit Planning is knowledgeable and experienced in both on and off the Online Exchange Marketplace for both Individuals and Groups.In addition to medical benefits, we offer Ancillary Insurance Lines to provide a full-service employee brokerage experience. We can assist with:​

Premium Benefit Planning also offer Individual/Voluntary Lines to help both owners and employees with their personal insurance needs, including:

At Premium Benefits Planning, we believe that individuals should have access to affordable healthcare options, and we offer Individual Health Insurance Options (ACA) to ensure that individuals have the coverage they need to protect themselves and their families.

employee benefits

Supplemental Insurance Strategies

Crafting a comprehensive and successful benefits plan requires the use of Supplemental Insurance Strategies.  At Premium Benefit Planning, we serve as expert guides, helping you navigate the vast desert of options and select the optimal plan for your business.  Our priority is ensure your business thrives in the challenging landscape of employee benefits.

Self Funded Plans are an excellent option for companies with over 50 enrolled employees. This approach allows you to take back control and understand where your dollars are being spent, resulting in potential cost savings.


Level Funded Plans provide a more conservative approach but still give control back to the employer rather than the carrier. This option allows you to set a fixed monthly cost for your healthcare plan, giving you greater predictability and control over expenses.


HSA (Health Savings Account) and HRA (Health Reimbursement Arrangement) are also great supplemental insurance strategies. We utilize technology to bring savings to your company while still offering high-quality benefits to your employees.


GAP Plans (Guaranteed Asset Protection Plans) are an excellent way to protect your employees from high deductibles in the hospital. These plans can help fill gaps in coverage and reduce out-of-pocket expenses for your employees.