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We’ll assess your current needs and provide comprehensive and advanced solutions for handling your employee benefits. Our unparalleled relationships with all the carriers in the marketplace allow us to present a range of options when looking for plans.

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At Premium Benefit Planning, we provide a breathtaking view of your current needs and provide a path forward for implementing solutions for managing your employee benefits and cost reduction strategies. With us, you’re not just a traveler; you’re the explorer, and we’re your guide. We represent you, and our partnerships with all carriers in the marketplace allow us to present every option available when you embark on your quest for the perfect business plan.

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Employee Benefit

Explore comprehensive employee benefit solutions and let us help you provide the best support for your business.

Supplemental Insurance Strategies

Expand your coverage and protect your employees with our comprehensive range of supplemental insurance strategies.

ERC (Employee
Retention Credit)

Get up to 50% tax credit on eligible employee wages with our Employee Retention Credit program.

Credit Card Processor
Fee Audits

Ensure compliance and optimize costs with our comprehensive Credit Card Processor Fee Audit Services.

Expense Reduction

Maximize your savings and improve your bottom line with our expert Expense Reduction Services.

Specialized Tax

Discover tax savings opportunities tailored to your business with our Specialized Tax Incentives Services.


Nutrional Services to
Support Your Well-being


We’re proud to announce the latest addition to our service offerings – Nutritional Services for our clients. Our objective is not only to provide superior benefit solutions but also to support the wellbeing of your employees, which is essential for optimizing both their productivity and long-term retention.