Nutritional Services


Nutritional Services

Premium Benefit Planning is thrilled to announce that we offer comprehensive nutritional services to our esteemed clients. Our mission is not only to provide top-quality benefit solutions but also to prioritize the health and wellness of your employees, ultimately enhancing daily productivity and ensuring long-term retention.

Brenda Yates MPH RD, our esteemed in-house Registered Dietitian, holds a degree in Nutrition and Public Health from NYU and has vast experience working in both hospital and private practice settings.

In these times, we have taken a conscious step towards offering complete health solutions to our clients. This approach is not only financially beneficial for our clients through reduced utilization of traditional healthcare and increased productivity, but it also communicates to your employees that you prioritize their health and well-being.

Brenda Yates MPH RD

We personally prioritize active living & healthy nutrition to foster positive change in our clients' well-being.

We strive to make a positive impact on the health of our clients by prioritizing disease prevention, while also offering a comprehensive benefits package when medical care is needed.


Our Individualized Nutrition Counseling provides an opportunity to address various nutrition and lifestyle goals, from disease management to weight loss objectives. Brenda works closely with each client to achieve their individualized lifestyle goals, including determining the healthiest diet, managing stress, improving sleep quality, and becoming the healthiest version of themselves. This is achieved through an initial consultation, bi-monthly follow-up counseling, and accountability check-ins.


Premium Benefit Planning is pleased to offer this Individualized Service to all Executives and Management at no cost, while all employees of Premium Benefit Planning will receive a discounted rate for Individual Services.

Group Education, Pantry Overhaul & Shopping Tours

Additionally, we provide Group Education Classes, where PBP clients can receive up to 6 classes per year. These educational seminars can be customized to your office’s interests and presented in a “lunch and learn” format. Topics may include water intake, fruit, and vegetable consumption, ethical and environmentally aware eating, managing weight during the holiday season, and much more.


We offer a Pantry Overhaul service, we work with your office manager/supplier to increase nutrient-dense offerings and provide palatable “healthy” snack options while minimizing the junk that can make employees feel sluggish. We provide one session/office, with discounted rates available for ongoing monitoring or at-home overhauls.


Lastly, our Grocery Shopping Tours allow you to accompany Brenda to your chosen grocery store for a shopping trip. She will guide you through the aisles, discussing healthier options for common food choices, and ultimately enabling you to make more informed food choices for yourself and your family. Brenda can also help you to “grocery shop online,” working with you to determine which sites have the healthiest selections and the best prices for quality food.

woman holding and apple